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Theatre311 Gallery
Haunted House 2012
Imagine a pitch black room full of these looking at you!
A pic from our Grim Reaper room. Just a hint...there was more than one of them.
Ryan and Danny Halloween evening before we got started,
Three lone skulls in the science lab.
A typical make up moment before the night began.
Our Mad Scientist's former assistant.
This is a pic from our Butcher shop. Trust me it's nothing compared to the butcher himself.
After a night of scaring it never hurts to blow off a little steam doing the Time Warp from Rocky Horror Picture Show.
Ryan "The Butcher" getting his makeup done.
Our butcher shop just before we opened.
One of our cannibal clowns.
A little hard to see, but here's some of our volunteers after our first night.
Theatre311 in Action
Yuk Yuk's Live on Stage: Matt O'Brian
Yuk Yuk's Live on Stage: Dylan Mandlsohn
[balcony view]
The Stage
Beckon performs.
Beckon performs.
Fred Eaglesmith
Fred Eaglesmith and the Travelling Steam Show
Fred Eaglesmith
Fred Eaglesmith and Paul Peterson
Fred Eaglesmith & The Travelling Steam Show - April 26, 2014